The power of awesome!

Date 03/05/2013


Ladies and gentlemen. Jazz obsessed and even merely jazz curious friends and comrades. Wonderful news. Made In New York is now at No one will fault you if you drop whatever you are doing now and check out our ultra delicious banner on their very front page. We certainly won’t.

We kicked off “Made In NY” only 8 weeks ago. We can’t get enough of it. Naturally we thought it would be a great idea to unite jazz musicians from all corners of the globe under one ever expanding roof of an expertly made video portal. To make things more interesting we suggested that musicians compete for their countries, their national flavor of jazz and also the grand prize of $3000.00. But wait... That’s not all. The prize is growing daily due to the 10% of the general entry fee pool being added to it. So, the more people join the competition the grander the prize becomes (and let’s face it, it was pretty damned grand to begin with).

The actual reaction exceeded our wildest expectations. The colorful lineup of flags on our banner at represents only a fraction of all the the countries that entered the competition so far. And the list is growing on hourly basis.

Good for us and certainly great for you our fellow jazz lovers!!!!!

Now, seriously, go check out our banner at and click on it to jump right back to Made In New York video competition portal. Make yourself at home. 




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