Montenegro 2023

Montenegro 2023

Known for its impressive lineups of world-class musicians that gather to play together an all-star event, this year is no exception. Dee Dee Bridgewater, Bisera veletanlić, Dennis Chambers, Santi Debriano, Ashley Pezzotti, Aaron Goldberg, Alexis Baro, Vasil Hadzimanov, Yaacov Mayman, Sule Jovovich, Goran Potich.

The festival also welcomes two very special guests: the legendary Triple Grammy® Winner, TONY® Winner, UN Goodwill Ambassador, ASCAP Champion, and NEA Jazz Master Dee Dee Bridgewater, as well as the legendary singer from the Balkans, Bisera Veletanlić. The festival promises to be a memorable experience for all attendees

The main events of the festival will take place across three venues:


  • June 16: Synchro Stage, Tivat
  • June 17: Live at Sejdefa, Podgorica
  • June 18: The Capital Plaza, Podgorica


Founder of the Made In New York Jazz Brand, Michael Brovkine, shares his excitement for this year's event: "We are thrilled to bring the 8th Annual Made In New York Jazz Festival to Montenegro. The festival continues to grow each year, and we believe that this year's lineup of world-class talent, will truly captivate audiences and provide an unforgettable experience for jazz lovers in the region and from around the globe.”

Vladimir Maras, the Affiliate Director of the Made In New York Jazz Festival, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event: "The 8th Annual Made In New York Jazz Festival in Montenegro is set to be an extraordinary celebration of music, bringing together a diverse lineup of incredible artists. We are confident that this year's festival will surpass expectations and leave a lasting impression on all who attend."

In just eight years, the Made In New York Jazz Festival has become a significant cultural event not only for Montenegro but the entire Balkan region. The festival has successfully showcased the rich heritage and vibrant spirit of jazz music, attracting thousands of music lovers and fostering a sense of unity and togetherness among the diverse communities in the region. The Made In New York Jazz Festival prides itself on featuring a diverse and international blend of performers, bringing together legendary artists from the United States and special guests from around the globe, alongside talented regional musicians from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, and more. This unique fusion of musical styles and backgrounds creates a rich tapestry of jazz, showcasing the very best the genre has to offer and promoting cross-cultural collaboration and understanding.

By providing a platform for local musicians from the region to share the stage with global jazz artists, the festival highlights the impressive talent and potential of the Balkan jazz scene while fostering creative exchange and mutual respect among the artists. The Made In New York Jazz Festival's commitment to inclusivity and diversity has been a driving force behind its success and has helped to establish the event as a key player in the global jazz community, attracting both musicians and jazz enthusiasts from far and wide.

“Porto Montenegro and Rabbit Records' dedication to supporting the Made In New York Jazz Festival demonstrates their commitment to enriching the local community and fostering artistic talent in the region.” Says Michael Brovkine 

Since December 2022, the Made In New York Jazz Festival has been recognized by the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture and Media as an event of national cultural importance. This prestigious designation underscores the strong cultural partnership and support from the Government of Montenegro paving the way for a bright and collaborative future in celebrating and promoting jazz and culture in the region.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the magic of jazz in the beautiful surroundings of Montenegro. Mark your calendars now and get ready for a truly unforgettable musical experience! 

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