Michael Brovkine

Founder and CEO

Mikhael, ventured to New York City to realize his dreams and subsequently gained diverse experiences across multiple media platforms such as television, radio, production, performance, and recording. Beginning with small jazz productions over a decade ago, he has consistently been driven by his ambition to establish a platform that cultivates opportunities for talented artists worldwide.

Michael Brovkine founded the brand, which originated with the Made in New York Jazz Festival, eventually giving rise to the introduction of the competition a few years thereafter. Bringing this vision to life required steadfast dedication and persistence in order to attain success. New York City is renowned for its exceptional jazz community, brimming with remarkable artists, adept producers, time-honored traditions, and engaging educational programs. The city's electrifying atmosphere sparks imagination and drives extraordinary accomplishments.

In today's world of advanced social media and internet connectivity, it's essential to "share" the inimitable spirit of New York City and celebrate its vibrant jazz culture with the global community.



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