Vladimir Maras

MNE Festival director

Actively involved with music since 1989, he performed in many Montenegrin bands of the time. He graduates from the Piano and Clarinet Departments of the Secondary Music School "Vasa Pavic" and later Music Academy in Cetinje (Montenegro). Plays string instruments (guitar, bass guitar) and uses these skills for his studio work. He worked in Belgrade from 1993 to 1998 where he met Kornelije Kovac and with his help enters into many musical projects, mostly as an arranger and music producer. At the same time, he played in Rambo Amadeus - Mutant Jazz Band. 

Vladimir is a founder of the record publishing company "Rabbit Records" and Ethno Jazz Club "Sejdefa". Since 2015 he became an Affiliate director and partner of Made in New York Jazz Competition INC (USA). Founder of Jazz Montenegro ( web portal and Jazz FM Montenegro, the first online radio station in Montenegro specialized in jazz music.


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