Recording Contract

Recording Contract

Artists will be recorded in the Made In New York Jazz Studio commercial facility that occupies about 3,000 sq ft.

The Studio was designed and built to treat sound in the best possible way, whether if it is for playing an instrument in one of the recording rooms while tracking or playing back the sound while editing and mixing in the control room.

Control Room

The control room is a well-tuned room to listen and work on music while there is a cozy and relax environment to create. The centerpiece of the control room is an Audient ASP8024 a true analog 80 input 24 bus large format console that makes the experience of tracking and mixing sound unbelievably warm and transparent. The monitors used for listening in the control room are top notch speakers and amplifiers. Starting with the main soffit-mounted studio monitors TCM CX-215-3 a custom made speakers by Tom Carlile in CA are tri-amped and crossed over with a digital processor and sound great in this control room. Midfield monitors are PMC IB2S-A , these monitors are truly unbelievably accurate and basically have no alternatives or competition form any other brands out there. For near field monitors there is a pair of Focal twin 6Be , they use a beryllium twitter for high accuracy. The outboard gear located behind the engineer features a number of great top of the preamps , channel strips , mix bus stereo compressors , EQ’s etc….all wired into 5 TT patchbays that connect all pieces in the studio for easy routing. There is a comfortable environment for the visitors in the control room that feature a few couches and chairs to sit and listen to music in any part of the room.

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