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We have 7 different categories to enter, so every musician is likely to find something to their taste.

The judges will make the final selection of the winner, from a group of candidates selected by combination of committee and popular votes.

The Sky's the Limit

Since we have decided to take our competition completely online, the sky is the limit.

Strong Community

With over 2 million video loads, Made In New York has more than 30,000 registered jazz musicians and fans, and that number is constantly growing.

Participants around the globe

Our participants come from 55 Countries and counting every day

Jazz Gala

Great opportunity to taste the "Apple" and perform with the legendary jazz musicians in New York!

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Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time.

Ornette Coleman

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Conversation with Bobby Sanabria

Conversation with Bobby Sanabria

Bobby Sanabria talking about jazz is music in its own right. Think about it, even his name sounds like a drum solo: bob-by-sa-nab-ria! When he talks, there’s rhythm, there’s depth, there are nods to the greats and visions of the future, and there’s his trademark ability to expand the listener’s mind. You may not know the first thing about drums and Afro-Cuban jazz but once you watch him explain the basics, you will question the quality of life without a drum set. It’s not that only his passion for jazz is contagious; Bobby Sanabria will infect you and teach you how to pass on the virus.

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Exclusive Interview with Mike Stern

Exclusive Interview with Mike Stern

What happens when you become a legend? Do you hang around your trophy room with a feather duster? Do you turn into a grumpy recluse full of contempt for the youth? Mike Stern, a six-time Grammy nominee jazz guitarist, holds all kinds of titles and awards naming him a jazz legend and the best player of all times. You would think he could allow himself some healthy condescension towards… Well, pretty much everything. But he doesn’t. Mike Stern is an active musician, teacher, and, recently, a judge in Made in New York Jazz Competition.

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