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welcome to the fastest growing jazz competition

Jazz musicians from ANYWHERE in the world can showcase their talent and enter this unique Jazz Competition, simply by submitting videos online

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The winner gets to participate in the jazz Gala in New York City


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Starting 2017 we offer 5 different categories to enter, so every musician is likely to find something to their taste.

The judges will make the final selection of the winner, from a group of candidates selected by a combination of the committee and popular votes.

Here is what Jazz Masters are saying about #Madeinnyjazz

Philip Harper

"It's a great situation, it's good for all of us! It gives us a chance to meet, greet people from all over the world and still have one common denominator between us which is a good feeling of music!  It shows that jazz is a world music. I think it should be supported. It's a beautiful concept!"

Bobby Sanabria

"It's one of the great events in the jazz world today! It's fantastic! I get to hear a lot of original new music, so the music is in a good place right now"

Rufus Reid

"It's very interesting to me and the first time for me to have so many people from different parts of the world. It's great! I think it's a good idea. It's quite an undertaken, I applaud you guys for putting this on!"

Tommy Campbell

"It takes a concert and talents like this to push me to be better. I wish I could do this kind of things more. This project is so inspiring, it makes me think of what's really important what we are really trying to do artistically" 

our judges


Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time.

Ornette Coleman

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Leading the Way in Online Music Competitions

Leading the Way in Online Music Competitions

For a long time the internet was the bane of the music industry, and for years it struggled to find effective ways to harness it. Upcoming musicians have particularly found it difficult to raise their profile in the digital age. The chances of creating a platform from where they can try to break into the industry have become smaller as the field becomes more crowded.

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Conversation with Bobby Sanabria

Conversation with Bobby Sanabria

Bobby Sanabria talking about jazz is music in its own right. Think about it, even his name sounds like a drum solo: bob-by-sa-nab-ria! When he talks, there’s rhythm, there’s depth, there are nods to the greats and visions of the future, and there’s his trademark ability to expand the listener’s mind. You may not know the first thing about drums and Afro-Cuban jazz but once you watch him explain the basics, you will question the quality of life without a drum set. It’s not that only his passion for jazz is contagious; Bobby Sanabria will infect you and teach you how to pass on the virus.

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