Solo instrumental

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This category is all about YOU!  Play us a solid solo on your instrument of choice.  Show off your skills while you play accompanied or alone.  Let your talent shine!

Solo vocal

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You have a talent for singing.  You have passion.  You have a head full of songs that are waiting to be heard.  What’s stopping you?  Sing your heart out and upload the video here.  Your fans are waiting to hear the dulcet melodies of your voice.


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Big bands.  Small bands. Virtual bands.  One-man bands.  Get creative and have some fun by submitting your video to this category. We want to hear what you’ve got to offer.  


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You’ve got style.  You’ve got grace.  You’re the brains behind the operation.  You see the world as one giant musical piece.  Show us your score, and we’ll show you how to get heard. 


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Do you have a better way to play a certain piece of music?  Let’s hear it!  Simply upload your video in this category and let the world hear your new and improved version.  Your audience is waiting

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