Mission Statement

Message from the Founder:

New York City has always been a uniquely vital part of the development and continued evolution of jazz.  Musicians living in New York have the remarkable opportunity to experience live jazz performances on a daily basis and interact directly with jazz masters.  A single performance can transform your entire playing technique and perception of music.  

For the past ten years, I’ve been working on figuring out two conflicting messages!

 The first involved the fact that there are only two types of academic musical education:  classical and jazz.  This means that every year, thousands of college graduates worldwide are trained to play music using jazz as a foundation style.  

In direct contradiction to this were the articles claiming that jazz was dead or dying as a music genre.  

I was confused.  How could the market be growing and devolving at the same time?  I could not get my head around it.

After much research, I found that jazz was indeed growing!

With the maturity of the internet and Social media the game has changed. Musicians at their homes, using their mobile devices started to create and share. Some of them became real celebs on the web…….



This epiphany quickly materialized into the first online jazz competition called - Made in New York Jazz Competition.  

 Entries came from musicians around the globe.  They shared their network of fans and contacts to vote for them online – and the response was immense!  The audience grew fast and still growling daily!

In a nutshell, the Made in New York Jazz competition is a dynamic online platform for the jazz community to share their love for jazz. 

Musicians showcase their talent directly to famous and award-winning jazz greats, the audience gets to experience a variety of jazz styles and bask in the pure listening pleasure of the various artists, and legendary jazz performers get to mentor aspiring artists and share their knowledge with the next generation. 

Competition is secondary to passion.  Because it’s the love for music that drives the Made in New York Jazz Competition.  It’s about connecting talented people from all over the world.


Made in New York Jazz Competition Mission Statement:

We are committed to reviving and rebuilding the global passion for jazz music.  Made in New York Jazz Competition strives to create a unified structure that will increase the global awareness for jazz music and its aspiring musicians.


How we do it:

We promote, PR and regularly update our platform, forming new partnerships, and creating job opportunities for artists in the jazz community.

We have 4 International affiliate offices that run activities under Made In New York Jazz Competition’s leadership.

We hold an annual Gala in New York City and an annual Festival in Europe.

Our judges, committee members and advisers are well-recognized household names in the jazz industry.  They each have proven track records and hold multiple awards.  Aspiring artists receive valuable feedback from the industry’s best performers simply by submitting a video.

We offer unique gigs and an opportunity for upcoming musicians to share the stage with jazz legends.

Our artists are constantly gaining wide media exposure and support from various institutions and organizations as a direct result of participating in the Competition.



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