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Date 03/22/2013


Made in NY Jazz Competition

Offering Great Advertising Opportunities for Musicians


For $1 Per Day, Musicians Can Use the High-Traffic Site for All Kinds of Promotions


For many musicians, reaching a new audience can be a challenge.  But for jazz musicians, the Made in NY Jazz Competition has become an excellent source of traffic for reaching dedicated jazz fans.  Since its launch in January, the competition’s site has enjoyed robust traffic and seen musicians from around the world entering their videos and drawing their fans to the site for voting.  The competition is making high-visibility banner spots available to musicians for the affordable price of $1 per day.  These spots are incredible locations where musicians can pinpoint their target demographic and take advantage of hundreds of daily visitors who will see their music, from anywhere on the planet.  What better way to make new fans and break through the sometimes-overwhelming Internet clutter? 


Since launching in January, the Made in NY Jazz Competition site has been receiving 500 - 2,000 unique visitors daily, has garnered 7000 registered users and video loads at least 40,000 per week.  Scores of entries the competition has received from around the globe, making it an international hub for jazz fans to discover new music from throughout the world.  Jazz artists from nearly every continent are represented, and more are entering each day.  It’s rare for so many jazz fans to converge on one space, but the combination of exciting contest and outstanding musicianship have proved a perfect marketing tool.   


“This is an ideal situation for jazz musicians,” said Made in NY Jazz Competition founder Mikhael Brovkin.  “Our traffic is growing daily as more musicians enter the competition, pulling in their fans to visit regularly to vote.  A band interested in advertising can select any page on the website that target particular demographic and of course, we are doing our own intense outreach to raise awareness of the contest and the site, so musicians will, in essence, have a full marketing team working for their benefit.”


To place a banner 250px X 250px on any page of the participant only $1 dollar per day. To place 250px X 250px on the pages, home, news, how to: $5 dollars per day. To place 250px X 500px on any page of the participant only $1.85 dollar per day. To place 250px X 500px on the pages, home, news, how to: $8.50 dollars per day. All the artworks should be emailed to:


Every participating Artist gets $20 dollars credit for banner placement!


The Made in NY Jazz Competition aims to emulate its very namesake, New York City – by being a vibrant, living location for jazz artists from around the world to meet, converge and create.  For over a century, New York has been the melting pot and the incubator for unparalleled jazz talent – from Tin Pan Alley (Irving Berlin, the Gershwins, etc.) to Harlem (Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Fats Waller) to the Greenwich Village scene with historical clubs like the Village Vanguard, Blue Note and Birdland – New York was and still is, arguably, one of the most intense and fascinating jazz scenes in the world.  The Made in NY Jazz Competition will offer the winning musicians a chance to make their own mark on this historical city.  Musicians interested in advertising with the Made in NY Jazz Competition and for more details on rates are encouraged to email:


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