Committee members

Date 10/04/2013

We are pleased to introduce the Made in New York Jazz Competition's Committee members, all of whom are innovative and award-winning jazz musicians. We are honored to be part of one of the fastest growing international jazz communities. We would like to extend our thanks to all for participating and a special thanks to all of the artists who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to our projects.

The Committee panel will select Competition's eight finalists for our trio of judges to determine the winner from. Please see our Committee members' biographies, websites, and educational materials, and be sure to watch free JazzSwap lessons from some of them here.

Don't forget!  The last day to submit your application is October 15. Attention all registrants, October 31 is the final day to vote for your favorite performer. Register and vote now--your vote will allow one special artist to bypass the selection process and head straight to the final round!


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