Jazz is all about innovation and originality. So are we.

Intellectsoft is a full-service software and mobile application development company and we are proud to support the Made in NY Jazz Competition. 

Here’s to the artists who are changing the world with their music, and to the technology that will help to spread their music and their message to the next generations.



Gismart -  developing ambitious company dedicated to developing quality music applications.

They have already launched a lot of music apps like Real Guitar, Ukulele, Tuner, Metronome, Drums, Piano.

Gismart were awarded the best developer title by Google, the indication of it can be seen in Google Play

The audience of these apps is about 5 million and constantly growing up.

Finding and growing precious talents in technology is a fundamental culture of Digital Edge.

Those talents are fostering human technological progress on earth and changing life in all aspects. 

As much as important for the human progress is fostering of art.



At Forte Piano, our mission is to help musicians and music lovers to realize their goals and find the right instrument for their family.

Our passion and our ultimate commitment are to serve your best interests to the best of our ability.


Founded in 2007 by chef Boris Bangiev, Nargis Café is a Central Asian cuisine, mixed with a touch of modernity. 

Going up in America I felt in love with Jazz aslo I find a lot of similarities in cooking and Jazz. 

It’s important to know the basics and understand the fundamental techniques than you can mix them up (improvise) to create something special.



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