Partnership with an Emmy Award Official Photographer and Jazz Fan Andy Filimon

Date 07/31/2015

Made in New York Jazz Competition Announces Special Partnership with an Emmy Award Official Photographer and Jazz Fan Andy Filimon

Many people say a photo is worth a thousand words. When it comes to photography of New York jazz stars, Made In New York Jazz certainly agrees. Recently, Made in New York Jazz, who holds an annual jazz concert and gala in New York's famous venue Tribeca Performing Arts Center that is ever-increasing in popularity, announced they have established a new partnership with acclaimed New York City photographer Andy Filimon to photograph New York jazz artists in concert, in rehearsals, portraits and much more. The early response to the news has been very enthusiastic.

“Born in Germany, I have been traveling since I was 18,” commented Filimon, who was raised in a family with very deep music traditions. “I have visited more than 30 countries from China to the USA and was fortunate enough to live in some countries for one or two years. It helped to shape my vision as an artist, and that's how I picked up my passion for jazz. I love seeing people creating the moment. They tell stories and it's a pleasure to have the chance to capture them. This project is absolutely unique and having the chance to share it is amazing.”

Andy Filimon is an official photographer for the Emmy Awards and an in-demand New York City and beyond portrait and wedding photographer with a very extensive portfolio. "We spent about a year to shape the idea and build this special project. The gallery will be available soon on our website. Andy is a visionary and very passionate professional. The amazing part is that he feels the music and improvises together with the musicians," says Misha Brovkin, the founder of Made In New York Jazz Competition.


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