Registration for 2013

Date 10/16/2013

Dear Contestants,

We would like to thank you for participating in [the 2013] Made In New York Jazz Competition.  Registration is now officially closed for 2013.  It has been a pleasure to watch all of your fabulous performances, and a tremendous honor to bring the international jazz community to our website! 

An explosion of interest has turned our Competition into a jazz hub since we began.  We have witnessed an exciting collaboration between artists and increased exposure for great international talents, which has confirmed for us that together we have truly created a dynamic jazz experience for the world!

For those who were unable to participate in 2013—not to worry!  Registration for the second annual Made in New York Jazz Competition will open soon!

Don’t forget!  October 31 is the final day to vote for your favorite performer of 2013!

Check back soon to see who makes it to the final round!  Finalists will be announced in November!


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