The Made In New York Jazz Competition Gives Musicians Worldwide Exposure

Date 03/16/2015

The Made in New York Jazz Competition is a great way for talented jazz musicians from across the globe to get exposure to a worldwide, jazz-savvy audience. While many musicians rely on the many channels accessible through the Internet, as the new promotional video for the competition points out, those channels only reach the personal networks of the musicians.

What does lead to more exposure, however, is when a group of people works hard to promote those videos. That's what the organizers of the Made In New York Jazz Competition say in a video posted to YouTube

Why would jazz artist want to enter this contest? For starters, there's the chance for the artist to display the musical talent they possess to a worldwide audience. In fact, according to a new video posted to YouTube by the Made In New York Jazz Competition organizers, artists who enter the contest will have their music actively promoted to media outlets and jazz fans around the world.


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